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In our times where nostalgia for the past it gives us the guides to create amazing things, we want to get profit of this and start something original, great and new. Nowadays we can find the best artists and producers which are making freeform hardcore grow and grow, and making this new style shine as it deserves it. This album contains 23 tracks of pure, uplifting and energetic Freeform and Hardcore from Spain, France, UK, Canada, USA and Japan.

Thanks to all of them, ravers, djs and producers, we can fight against our nostalgia for the past and show the world that freeform hardcore is on its best moment, because FREEFORM IS ALIVE!

Get ready for this new style that will change your life! WELCOME TO RETROFUTURE!

We are looking for new and talented Freeform Hardcore producers! Please send your demos to [email protected]

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